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New Breakthrough Solution Available For
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"This powerful compound is proven to be useful in enhancing the sexual experience of men and women"


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Researchers are racing to share their findings for a powerful solution to people struggling with sexual intimacy. However, this breakthrough goes above and beyond the needs of people experiencing sexual issues and also contributes to healthy couples seeking to increase pleasure and sensation.

Medical Director Alex Capano from Ananda Hemp explains the science of CBD and the benefits it adds to sexual intimacy.

"There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue," says Capano. "CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrication."

"There are so many cannabinoid receptors in reproductive organs and sexual tissue," says Capano. "CBD increases blood flow to tissues, which increases sensitivity and promotes the body’s own natural lubrication."

Recent research suggests that frequent users of chemical-based sexual lubricants experience damage to [intimate] skin cells. Unfortunately, most lubricants available today only offer a slippier experience and do not address the common struggles couples experience, such as pain during sex, low sex drive, performance anxiety, as well as the risk of damage mentioned before.

The Future of Pleasure is Here

The future of pleasure is here understanding these issues, Ultimate CBD Labs is taken a step forward to empower couples and individuals struggling with their sexual needs/issues. This breakthrough solution is the only lubricant, enriched with CBD, that can be used by men, women, or couples to boost sexual comfort, performance, and pleasure.

Since CBD receptors are frequently found throughout the intimate regions, it makes sense to infuse CBD into a lubricant. However, you may be wondering: How does CBD contribute to sexual satisfaction? Is it really safe to use on my intimate areas? Are there any risks to using this?

How Does CBD and Sex Work Together?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a breakthrough solution for people struggling with sexual intimacy or seeking a healthy, organic solution for their sexual needs. CBD is known for alleviating conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, cardiovascular issues, and many more. If you aren’t already familiar, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural, non-psychoactive compound that is extracted from the plant called Cannabis Sativa. This compound is popularly known for its therapeutic benefits and completely safe for use with the skin in your intimate regions.

The CBD Pleasure Gel from Ultimate CBD Labs has infused CBD with a blend of safe ingredients to provide the positive health properties of CBD for sexual experiences. Here’s how CBD contributes to the overall sexual experience in a safe and natural way:

Boost Blood Flow to Sexual Organs

  • Increases blood flow to intimate regions, naturally

  • Aides in erection quality and frequency

  • Improves sexual confidence, stamina, power, and performance in men.

Stimulates Natural Lubricants

  • Improving blood flow promotes the body’s own natural lubrication

  • Increased lubrication is linked to pain reduction, during and after sex.

  • Provides heightening sensation for women

Decreases Pain Signalling

  • Reduces pain signalling in the body

  • Improves comfort and relaxation during sex

  • Enables longer-lasting sexual encounters for men and women

100% Safe & Natural

Creating a safe and natural pleasure gel is a true breakthrough for people looking to improve their sexual experience. When using all-natural ingredients, such as CBD, herbal extracts, and skin-loving botanicals, people can comfortably and confidently apply this to the skin of their sensitive and intimate regions. To support these claims, third-party testers had to be employed to ensure that all CBD pleasure products are truly safe for the intimate regions of the skin. And, unlike synthetic lubricants which often include additional chemicals, the 100% plant-based pleasure gel is completely free from any harmful synthetics and chemicals. What makes this additionally safe for intimate experiences is the fact that plant-based lubricants are edible and safe for consumption.

Additional Benefits People are Getting from Cannabidiol (CBD) Pleasure Gel

  • Maintains maximum performance
  • Improves "sexual longevity"
  • Decreases pain and inflammation
  • Helps relax the body and the mind
  • Decreases friction
  • Promotes fuller, stronger erections
  • Creates intense stimulation
  • Enhances sexual climax
  • Reduces performance anxieties
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .03% THC)

Scientists around the world are publishing their breakthrough findings on the powerful effects that CBD has on sexual activity. They have found that the herbal compositions of the CBDs found in the hemp variety of the cannabis sativa plant are useful in enhancing the sexual experience of men and women.

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Olivia Wilde - On Benefits of CBD

New York Times Interview on January 2, 2018

Wilde explained that she’s had a great experience since discovering the positive benefits of CBD. She says, "CBD has relaxing benefits" and goes on to explain the importance of avoiding the use of too many painkillers. If pain is a problem in your sexual activities, CBD Pleasure Gel is designed to relieve potential discomfort and help you focus on enhancing the pleasure with your partner.

"More celebs than ever are expressing their voice for the safe, powerful effects that CBD products provide."

You’ll find big-name stars like Kim Kardashian sharing their love for CBD. In a recent Instagram story she said, "Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!" She hosted a CBD baby shower to show to the world the positive powers of CBD.

Chelsie’s Story

"I am pretty hooked to using this gel with my sex toys, not only does it enhance comfort but also helps me enjoy truly earth-shattering orgasms! Unlike other lubes, no redness, no infections & no stains."

Chelsie was other lubricants from big named brands but couldn't find the right one for her body. Her body struggled to "naturally lubricate" at moments when it mattered most. With CBD Pleasure Gel, she not only enhanced her body’s natural ability to produce it but also enjoyed enhanced sexual experiences thanks to the effects of CBD.

Solutions for Men & Women

People like Chelsie are making the change from water-based and other chemical-based lubricants not just for increased pleasure. Two overly common issues that men and women experience include difficult getting or staying aroused and pain during sexual intercourse.

There is much more to CBD pleasure gel than just being another lubrication. The medical properties of CBD have been known to significantly reduce or eliminate pain for those who suffer this tragic experience during intercourse. People with sexual issues regard CBD lubes as the “first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay and everything in the middle." It’s helping boyfriends and girlfriends explore their sexual needs more deeply and "enjoy better sex like never before!"

Ultimate CBD Labs is a dedicated provider of CBD infused pleasure gels. Their number one goal is to become the leading solution for men, women, and couples to enjoy comfort, performance, and pleasure in all their sexual activities.


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Complete Orgasm Amplifier

I am pretty hooked to using this gel with my sex toys, not only does it enhance comfort but also helps me enjoy truly earth-shattering orgasms! Unlike other lubes, no redness, no infections & no stains.

-Chelsie K

Pain-Free Sex Finally!

The first lubricant to completely mute my pain during sex, foreplay, and everything in the middle! The fact that my boyfriend and I are both able to enjoy hours of crazy sex and long orgasms is a definite plus.

- Anonymous

I can last all night!

Just a few drops to lube up and my libido and staying power skyrocket, allowing me to have harder erections, more stamina and pleasure my wife like never before. More than me, my wife keeps it handy on the nightstand.

- JH

Greater pleasure & comfort!

I have been using this gel for about 2 months and I can confidently say it has completely eliminated the pain that I used to feel during and after sexual intercourse. I am finally able to enjoy better sex with my boyfriend.

- MK

Both my partner and I love it!

We found this online and ordered it. It arrived in 4 days promptly and safely via post. The lubricant is like none other that we have used from the "popular brands", apart from the lubrication, it really elevates stimulation and arousal to a whole new level! Highly recommended

- Anonymous


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